Welcome to Feast


Sheffield's premier independent sandwich maker


From Sheffield,


For Sheffield

 Come in, take a seat, have a look
round. Plenty of delicious food and 
delectable drinks on offer here. 
Take your time or hurry up, it's up to you. 
We are here, what are you waiting for?  


All our food is prepared freshly on-site and our range

offers a tasty alternative to the factory filled packaged

stuff you get in the big chains.   



We have two shops you can visit within the city limits,

Chapel Walk and Queen Street 


Most of our stuff is grab and go so you don't have to

spend your lunch time standing around. You can

even phone ahead and we'll get your order ready for

you - just make sure you call the right shop! 




We can also provide business lunches for your staff,

delegates and/or clients. We offer a superb range,

freshly made and delivered to your premises.