welcome to feast

born and bread in Sheffield

since 2007

are you looking for great food, for cool drinks, for super coffee, for breakfast, for lunch, for smooties, for cake, for veggie options, for gluten free, for business catering, for grab and go, for great prices, for toasted panini, for the world's best jacket potatoes and for ace service then you've come to the right place.

'the sandwich dudes'

what a motley crew, here to serve you :)

whilst standing in a queue in boots, nottingham, Geoff (right) mentioned to Colin (centre) that he fancied doing something different, Colin said count me in. that was in 2005. somehow two years later they opened in chapel walk and it's all been a blur since then. all we know is Adam (left) joined us around 2013.

It's a record shop that sells sandwiches

from long players to large panini, it's all the same, isn't it?

we all met working for hmv (when hmv sold lots of music) where we learnt the basics of business. 1) keep customers happy, 2) keep products in stock and 3) play your music loud. we transfered all these skills over but instead of putting CD's in racks we put delicious food on shelves. the music though....it's really all about the music*

*disclaimer, some peoples taste is worse than others (luckily this does not apply to our food which is always excellent)