queen st. store

122 queen street, sheffield, s1 2dw

0114 453 4133


an oasis away from the office

serving good stuff since 2013

we took over queen street in 2013 when everything was offices. since then the city centre residential revolution has happened. somehow this has passed us by and we're still here, providing a place away from work for you to relax, eat, drink and listen to some tunes. everyone is welcome, from builders to barristers, just wipe your feet on the way in.

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we make everything fresh everyday and regularly rotate different lines to make sure you never get bored of the same old stuff. we only have a limited amount of fridge space so we can't make all the menu items everyday. you can always call ahead if you want something specific and if we have the ingredients we'll make it for you. Click menu to download.


we think our breakfast sandwiches are the best in the known universe. we use soft white breadcakes from the bakewell bakery. we use quality smoked back bacon which is always grilled until it is crispy. we use the best cumberland sausages. we use free range eggs. we use quorn veggie sausages. plus we only use real butter and heinze / hp sauce.

Jacket potatoes

as one reviewer has testified on trip advisor ...

"if Jesus made jacket spuds they'd taste like this"

we oven roast them till the skin is crispy and if you get here for 12 noon, you'll get the ultimate crispy skin jacket. all the usual topping plus home made chilli. Get here early though as we often sell out!

all things sandwich

your one stop sandwich shop, more filling for less bread !

from box sandwiches to baguettes, from foccacia to bagels and all points in-between. we offer a wide range of fillings and breads. if it's something warm you're after, then our wide range of panini are ready to be toasted for you - why not try snoop doggs favourite - the hot doggy dogg.

coffee Cafe kaffee koffie kaffi

all the different hot drinks at a cool price

we've always believed that the price of a good coffee shouldn't break the bank. we also feel that you shouldn't have to compromise on quality. we use great beans and a tip top machine to ensure that you get the best of both worlds. when it comes to hot chocolate you can't get better than zuma and if it's tea, well, yorkshire is the only brew in town.

compare the market . coffee

here's a price comparison for all you nerds (e.g. me)

as my grandpa used to say, some places are all fur coat and no knickers. to put it a different way, we're champagne at lemonade prices, check out this spreadsheet to see how much cheaper we are to the multi-national chains.

coffee price comparison jul 22.pdf